Enabling a sustainable green hydrogen future with no carbon debt.

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IBE will enable a sustainable green Hydrogen future using water, solar, and wind energy with no carbon debt.

Through alliances with selected and proven technology partners, IBE will deliver commercial-scale projects that bring renewable energy safely and economically to evolving domestic and international markets.

IBE will be a true Zero Carbon commercial green Hydrogen producer, the first of its kind in Australia, as opposed to existing projects that use traditional fossil fuels to produce liquid hydrogen.

Stage One of the IBE Liquid Hydrogen Project will be the Arrowsmith Project, located in Western Australia. This installation will commence production in 2022 resulting in 25 tons (25,000 kg) of green Hydrogen per day from the zero-carbon energy sources of water, solar, and wind.

The majority of IBE projects will be located in regional Australia resulting in sustainable regional jobs and energy independence.

Clean Energy for all Australians with 100% Green Hydrogen fuel

Our mission and goals are to be a pioneer of green hydrogen developments in the region, leveraging our domain expertise in developing renewable hydrogen projects that facilitate the transitioning of the Australian economy towards net zero emissions.

Our Projects

Infinite Blue Energy is a leading renewable energy company with vast experience in delivering ZERO Emission solutions to domestic and international markets. Infinite Blue Energy has an engineering team that is resourced and structured to be able to efficiently and effectively liaise with customers in delivering renewable energy solution via Solar PV, Wind Turbines, Hydrogen, Fuel Cell Technology & Biomass.

More Projects

Arrowsmith Hydrogen Plant stage 1

Arrowsmith Hydrogen Plant stage 1
Our foundation project is Arrowsmith, producing 25 tonne (25,000kg) per day, the plant located north of Perth, Western Australia, will be domiciled in an area with exemplary renewable energy resources. Green hydrogen will be produced by the plant using renewable energy from solar (65MW) and wind ...

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